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    • **Welcome to our Fantastic Cart Stall at the Birthday Party!** Indulge in a Candyland Extravaganza with colorful candies and treats. Enjoy Charming Popcorn Paradise and Heavenly Cotton Candy Clouds. Cool down with Sumptuous Ice Cream Delights or opt for the Exotic Fruit Oasis. Stay refreshed with our Thirst-Quenching Drinks Station. We have snacks for all tastes, including special diet options.…
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    • 🌿🐼 Pot Making Fun! 🎨🏺   πŸŽ‰ For All Ages, 🎁 Take Home Your Creations!   Contact Panda Event Planner! πŸ“žπŸΌπŸŽ‰  
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Going to a party is fun, but what’s more fun and entertaining is participating in the events. When hosting a party, ensure to have event activities such as bangle making, clay modelling, paper crafts, parrot reading, pot making and pot painting to keep kids and elders engaged throughout the party. We have the best team to organize all the events for you hassle-free. Our team will come to your place with the necessary kits to make guests perform the activity and keep the hall filled with giggles and fun. Our creative event activities will make your kids’ birthdays unforgettable. You can plan the birthday party of your little darlings with us. Collaborating with us will let you organize a wide variety of event planning activities, fun games and engaging events that keep everyone entertained. We plan the event and activities according to your budget that make your kids happy and feel playful at the party.

Fuel Creativity with Interactive Activities

From pot painting to bangle making, every activity is fun and interactive. It also gives a sense of accomplishment for guests making bangles or painting the pot with the artwork of their choice. Taking away the bangles that they have hand-made or pots that they painted home like a return gift is a proud moment for every guest. There are many such corporate event activities we organize at your parties. Just let us know the age group of people attending the event, and we help you finalize the best activities that engage everyone and tap their creative juices.

Enhance Your Event with Fascinating Interactions

If you want to transform the kids’ birthday bash into a dazzling extravaganza, then you need to have interactive event activities that will evoke interactions between kids and elders. Through this, you kid or you’re finding a good friend whose tastes and preferences are like yours. All the activities we organize at your kid’s parties be it costume parties, birthday parties or other parties encourage friendly competition and social interaction. Adding these engaging activities will make the celebration even more special.

Memorable Activities Create a Lasting Impression

Nurturing artistic talents is not just confined to classrooms, you can bring those fun activities for events, be it birthdays or corporate parties by hiring us. We have a team of event managers who arrange arts & crafts event engagement activities for different special events. All these activities spark creativity and offer hours of fun while allowing the little ones to gather long-lasting memories. Be it pot painting, making, bangle making, or paper craft gives hands-on fun. You can choose Family Day event activities that suit your party theme and we provide everything you need.

Infuse excitement and enthusiasm with Active Events

Elevate the kids’ parties with engaging event activities. All hands-on activities infuse excitement and enthusiasm into the event. Our team will provide you with all the craft supplies to organize these events. These will keep kids entertained without getting bored at the party. Parrot reading is fun knowing about the kid’s future pot painting to showcase their painting skills or clay modelling to create miniature toys gives a creative and unique experience for the little darlings. Whatever your choice of activity is, Panda decorators promise unforgettable birthday activities that make your kids’ birthday celebration truly special.